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Fun friendships, high school romance, and intense competition are at the heart of book one in Tamara Girardi’s swoon-worthy, young-adult contemporary series.

Julia Medina, dubbed Jules by her closest friends, wants to be the new, starting quarterback of Iron Valley High School’s football team, and no one is going to stand in her way. That is—until her boyfriend, Owen Malone, steps up to the challenge. Wanting to maintain her relationship with her boyfriend, Jules is torn. But while Owen is in her heart, football is in her blood.

Once the idea takes root to quit her championship volleyball team and join the leagues of Iron Valley’s toughest teenage boys, there’s no stopping Jules from pursuing her dream. In her mind, expectations that the position will go to a male player have gone on long enough, and, even as her decision creates controversy among the booster parents, school coaches, family members, and team members themselves, Jules holds strong in her beliefs.

Which is good—because when parents hear that Jules plans to participate in overnight pre-season camp with a staff of male coaches and eighty high school boys, her tryout is threatened more than ever before. Yet, nobody can deny Jules’ skills. As the youngest sister of three former high school quarterbacks, Jules knows the game. She knows what it takes to outsmart opponents, and she’s not about to let anyone count her out for being a girl.

But as the competition intensifies, Jules must choose what she wants more—to embrace girl power and lead her team on the field, or be a girlfriend on the sidelines.

Gridiron Girl will inspire you to follow your vision, instead of those dictated by others. Perfect for fans of Better than Perfect by Simone Elkeles and On the Fence by Kasie West.


Tensions arise and friendships deviate as the competition heats up in book two of Tamara Girardi’s swoon-worthy, young-adult contemporary series.Sophomore Melanie Corwin has one dream—to make varsity on Iron Valley high school’s volleyball team. So, when the team’s standout hitter and captain suddenly quits to play football instead, Melanie gets the opportunity she’s been working towards for years.But to play varsity on a tight-knit, championship team, every player has to be as flawless on the court as they are off it.


For Melanie, that means more socializing than her introverted personality is used to. And as she turns to her best friend and next-door neighbor, Harris Fullerton—who keeps encouraging her to expand her social circles and achieve her goals—reluctant Melanie is forced out of her comfort zone. Even more so when a fellow varsity teammate feels the coveted position should go to a more seasoned player.


To complicate matters, Melanie starts falling for the guy her team captain has been crushing on for years. And just when Melanie thinks she’s finally managed to sort through the complexity of it all, she finds herself in the kind of trouble that could keep her off the volleyball court for good.

Fiery competition and unexpected romance will melt your heart in book three of Tamara Girardi’s swoon-worthy, young-adult contemporary series.

Iron Valley High School senior Annalise Fiori is the only girl on her school’s wrestling team. With daily early morning lifting sessions and extra evenings, she’s earned her place on the high school team and respect from her male teammates. Her goals for the season are to earn a wrestling scholarship to a college with an amazing art program and interact with her middle school wrestling rival, Sebastian Love, as little as possible.

When Sebastian’s school doesn’t have enough wrestlers to field a team, her coaches welcome the Forest Run High School wrestlers to co-op with Iron Valley’s team. Now, Annalise will have to face Sebastian every day at practice and maybe even compete against him to hold on to her weight class and prove herself to college coaches. Will the secret Annalise has been holding on to put everything she’s worked so hard for at risk?

Praise for the series: 

"A fast-paced, character-driven novel about a girl going her own way." -Kirkus

"Girardi has crafted an uplifting, powerful story about a girl who refuses to give up!” 

- Simone Elkeles, NY Times bestselling author of Perfect Chemistry

“Gridiron Girl delivers on so many levels, and features a fierce, clear-eyed heroine who isn’t afraid to fight for what she wants, both on the field and off. I loved it!”

- Kes Trester, author of A Dangerous Year


“Gridiron Girl is an uplifting read packed with tons of girl power, delightful banter, and a whole lot of heart! I can’t get enough of Julia’s strength and her take-no-prisoners attitude! Definitely a must read!”

- Molly E. Lee, author of Ember of Night


“Inspiring and entertaining, Tamara Girardi’s Gridiron Girl expertly balances sporty-action, depth, and humor as she speeds us through the challenges and rewards of a teen who rises above expectations to accomplish a dream.” 

—Nova McBee, author of the Calculated series


“Gridiron Girl lives and breathes football with the same intensity as its star athlete. A compelling book about drive and bravery and believing in yourself.”

- Stephanie J. Scott, author of All Last Summer


“Julia’s got as much grit as she has heart, both of which she’ll need to navigate obstacles on and off the field. A well-written debut novel. Tamara Girardi is a literary talent to watch.”

- Tina Ferraro, author of Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress, How to Hook a Hottie, and The ABC’s of Kissing Boys


“Gridiron Girl is the book my football-obsessed heart has been craving. Give me a girl who knows how to go after her dreams even when the world is set against her, mix that with all of the epic sports-movie feels while also showing young women that they can do anything they set their mind to, and top it all off with phenomenal writing and edge-of-your-seat action, and you’ve got a story destined to become a young adult classic. Every teen girl needs to read this book.”

-Chelsea Bobulski, author of The Wood, Remember Me, and the All I Want for Christmas series 


“Julia’s timely story of sports, family, determination, and romance will inspire readers to stay true to themselves, especially those who have ever considered redefining themselves.”

- Kimberly Gabriel, award-winning author of Every Stolen Breath

"Gridiron Girl will excite young people looking for a new series with a terrific variety of characters. Jules' story is thrilling and is sure to engage voracious readers and those searching for something 'good to read.'" 

- Kathleen Heidecker, Librarian

"Disorder on the Court is the perfect read for fans of sports romance. With a sparkling voice, Tamara Girardi spins an entertaining tale of chasing after your passion and realizing that sometimes the most important things in your life are right next door!"

- Amy Trueblood, author of Across a Broken Shore


"Exciting and original! Disorder on the Court is filled with hope, determination, lovable characters, and delightful surprises at every pass. A gem that will stay with you long after the final serve!"

- Candace Kade, author of the forthcoming Enhanced

Disorder on the Court - young adult novel

Ultimate Takedown - young adult novel

Gridiron Girl - debut young adult novel


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Why, Daddy? Why? - debut board book

You know you’re a parent when it feels like you hear the word “Why?” a million times a day.


In this adorable board book, a cuddly papa bear uses his cub’s naturally inquisitive nature to show the many forms of his love. From bear hugs to bubble baths and storytime snuggles, this daddy answers every question with the answer to why parents do, well, everything: love.

The book is published by Familius press, which has been named as one of the fastest-growing small publishers for the last several years. Familius specializes in books that put families first. 

Praise for Why, Daddy? Why?:

"A beautiful, touching book exploring the loving relationship between a father and his child. A great read for a kid who is in the phase of endless "whys" and asking lots of questions. This book will make a special Father's Day gift." 

- Tracy Gold, author of Everyone's Sleepy but the Baby

"Tamara Girardi and Nichola Cowdery have created a board book that's sure to please both children and parents. The text follows a highly relatable series of questions asked by a young child, "Why....Why...Why...?" and the Dad's reassuring answers will soothe children plus give parents a little fodder for the next time they experience an attack of the "Whys?" This book is a sweet story of unconditional love. Perfect for father's day, baby showers, or bedtime reading any day of the year."

- Hannah Holt, author of A Father's Love

Why, Daddy? Why? written by author Tamara Girardi is great learning tool to inspire young children’s natural inquisitiveness. Children are born curious, and this book helps teach them that it is okay to ask questions. When children ask the questions they are thinking, it can become a great learning experience for not only that child, but the whole class as well!"

- Jessica Stawinski, Preschool Teacher

"Why, Daddy? Why? features sweet scenes that demonstrate developmentally appropriate conversations with a child. Behind every answer to the little bear’s repetitive questions, Daddy Bear is communicating with his child. Sure, his words are reassuring, but the beauty of Why, Daddy? Why? is that it demonstrates a deeper relationship-building strategy that involves listening to, respecting, and conversing with a child. On every page of this beautiful book, Daddy Bear is telling his child that they are important."

- Genevieve Gorback, Board President of the California Kindergarten Association 

"If you’ve ever wondered why your child needs to ask 'Why?' a million times a day, you need to read Tamara Girardi’s delightful new board book, Why, Daddy? Why?. Fostering a child’s inquisitive nature is always good; after all, asking questions is the foundation of learning. But there’s a bonus for parents here. With assistance from the colorfully cozy illustrations by Nichola Cowdery, Why, Daddy? Why? Illuminates how every question is an opportunity for you to show your love! An adventurous, humorous, snuggly must read!"

- Ingrid Boydston, 2000 California Teacher of the Year

"Children are born inquisitive. As a teacher and a mom, I know how important questions are and how they help children explore and discover the world around them. Why, Daddy? Why? encourages children to be curious and is also a beautiful reminder for the adults in their lives to take advantage of those wonderful learning (and loving) opportunities."

Jayme Hadley, First Grade Teacher

"A young reader’s delight is what came to mind when reading this beautifully written and illustrated book. The repetitive use of words and masterfully coordinated illustrations invite even the youngest of readers to actively participate in the reading of this children’s book. The story draws kids into a comfortable place where “Why?” questions and general inquisitiveness are encouraged and used to foster a better understanding of the world around them. With an overarching theme of love, and relatable  text, this book is a must read for kids, families, and educators alike."

- Ron Spiering, Elementary Reading Specialist

Order a signed copy of Why, Daddy? Why? HERE!
*Please specify if you'd like the book personalized and to whom in the comments. 


Co-Edited by Tamara Girardi and Abigail G. Scheg (Routledge, April 2021)
Theories and Strategies.tif

As the online world of creative writing teaching, learning, and collaborating grows in popularity and necessity, this book explores the challenges and unique benefits of teaching creative writing online.

This collection highlights expert voices who have taught creative writing effectively in the online environment, to broaden the conversation regarding online education in the discipline, and to provide clarity for English and writing departments interested in expanding their offerings to include online creative writing courses but doing so in a way that serves students and the discipline appropriately.

Interesting as it is useful, Theories and Strategies for Teaching Creative Writing Online offers a contribution to creative writing scholarship and begins a vibrant discussion specifically regarding effectiveness of online education in the discipline.

Co-Edited by Tamara Girardi and Abigail G. Scheg (McFarland, August 2018)

Young adult literature holds an exceptional place in modern American popular culture.


Accessible to readers of all levels, it captures a diverse audience and tends to adapt to the big screen in an exciting way. With its wide readership, YAL sparks interesting discussions inside and outside of the classroom.


This collection of new essays examines how YAL has impacted college composition courses, primarily focusing on the first year. Contributors discuss popular YA stories, their educational potential, and possibilities for classroom discussion and exercise.

Co-Edited by Abigail G. Scheg and Tamara Girardi (McFarland, November 2017)
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One dimensional television characters are a thing of the past--today's popular shows feature intricate storylines and well developed characters.


From the brooding Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries to the tough-minded Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, protagonists are not categorically good, antagonists often have relatable good sides, and heroes may act as antiheroes from one episode to the next.


This collection of new essays examines the complex characters in Orange Is the New Black, Homeland, Key & Peele, Oz, Empire, Breaking Bad, House, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.