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Amazon Editor's Pick!

You know you’re a parent when it feels like you hear the word “Why?” a million times a day.


In this adorable board book, a cuddly papa bear uses his cub’s naturally inquisitive nature to show the many forms of his love. From bear hugs to bubble baths and storytime snuggles, this daddy answers every question with the answer to why parents do, well, everything: love.

The book is published by Familius press, which has been named as one of the fastest-growing small publishers for the last several years. Familius specializes in books that put families first. 

Praise for Why, Daddy? Why?:

"A beautiful, touching book exploring the loving relationship between a father and his child. A great read for a kid who is in the phase of endless "whys" and asking lots of questions. This book will make a special Father's Day gift." 

- Tracy Gold, author of Everyone's Sleepy but the Baby

"Tamara Girardi and Nichola Cowdery have created a board book that's sure to please both children and parents. The text follows a highly relatable series of questions asked by a young child, "Why....Why...Why...?" and the Dad's reassuring answers will soothe children plus give parents a little fodder for the next time they experience an attack of the "Whys?" This book is a sweet story of unconditional love. Perfect for father's day, baby showers, or bedtime reading any day of the year."

- Hannah Holt, author of A Father's Love

“Why, Daddy? Why? written by author Tamara Girardi is great learning tool to inspire young children’s natural inquisitiveness. Children are born curious, and this book helps teach them that it is okay to ask questions. When children ask the questions they are thinking, it can become a great learning experience for not only that child, but the whole class as well!"

- Jessica Stawinski, Preschool Teacher

"Why, Daddy? Why? features sweet scenes that demonstrate developmentally appropriate conversations with a child. Behind every answer to the little bear’s repetitive questions, Daddy Bear is communicating with his child. Sure, his words are reassuring, but the beauty of Why, Daddy? Why? is that it demonstrates a deeper relationship-building strategy that involves listening to, respecting, and conversing with a child. On every page of this beautiful book, Daddy Bear is telling his child that they are important."

- Genevieve Gorback, Board President of the California Kindergarten Association 

"If you’ve ever wondered why your child needs to ask 'Why?' a million times a day, you need to read Tamara Girardi’s delightful new board book, Why, Daddy? Why?. Fostering a child’s inquisitive nature is always good; after all, asking questions is the foundation of learning. But there’s a bonus for parents here. With assistance from the colorfully cozy illustrations by Nichola Cowdery, Why, Daddy? Why? Illuminates how every question is an opportunity for you to show your love! An adventurous, humorous, snuggly must read!"

- Ingrid Boydston, 2000 California Teacher of the Year

"Children are born inquisitive. As a teacher and a mom, I know how important questions are and how they help children explore and discover the world around them. Why, Daddy? Why? encourages children to be curious and is also a beautiful reminder for the adults in their lives to take advantage of those wonderful learning (and loving) opportunities."

- Jayme Hadley, First Grade Teacher

"A young reader’s delight is what came to mind when reading this beautifully written and illustrated book. The repetitive use of words and masterfully coordinated illustrations invite even the youngest of readers to actively participate in the reading of this children’s book. The story draws kids into a comfortable place where “Why?” questions and general inquisitiveness are encouraged and used to foster a better understanding of the world around them. With an overarching theme of love, and relatable  text, this book is a must read for kids, families, and educators alike."

- Ron Spiering, Elementary Reading Specialist

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