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Be Prepared: Understanding Your College Professors' Expectations and How to Exceed Them

Audience: College-Bound HS Graduates

College-readiness is a highly debated and extensively-researched concept that has only intensified in the realm of post-pandemic higher education. While some institutions aim to critique their student-readiness, the reality remains: most incoming college students will have to understand how to advocate for themselves and create their own opportunities for success. The issue is many of them don't know how - a fact that is particularly true for first-generation college students.


A college English professor of nearly 20 years, Dr. Tamara Girardi will share actionable tips for college-bound students to prepare for the first days of class, organize their schedules for success, communicate with professors respectfully and effectively, and access college resources as well as other related advice.


From At-Risk Youth to Award-Winning Author: Celebrating the Impact of Teachers

Audience: K-12 Teachers

As a youth living in an economically-depressed community, Tamara possessed six of the seven risk factors identified by a National Center for Children in Poverty study. Despite that, she defied the odds, graduating high school in the top ten of her class, earning a perfect GPA at college, and continuing on to two advanced degrees. Tamara also achieved her dream of becoming a published author—seven times over.

With a blend of scholarly research on resilience and personal experience, this presentation celebrates how critical teachers are in the lives of children, both in the obvious ways and the not-so-obvious ones. In a time when teacher morale is at an all-time low, the talk will offer inspiration and gratitude to educators for their irreplaceable role in society, and provide insight regarding tools and strategies educators can implement to foster resilience in students.


I love connecting with readers, students, and writers!


With a background in public speaking as an American ambassadorial scholar in Scotland, experience teaching college English, and the unparalleled demands of parenting four young children, I'm qualified for an array of interactive speaking opportunities!

I've developed a list of presentations, interactive workshops, and motivational talks that I'm available to share with audiences ranging from PreK students to adults. You can find descriptions of them below. If you're interested in a blending these topics or any other variations, please email me through the Contact form on this website, and we can talk more. 

Also, as an educator and a volunteer in my children's schools, I have all necessary clearances. I'm passionate about fostering the loves of reading and writing in young people and helping adult writers develop their craft and achieve their writing aspirations.


I look forward to hearing from you!

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