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Gifts for Book-Loving Kids: 12 Months of Books Challenge

As a mom of four, I LOVE receiving popular children's books as presents. That's one of the many reasons I created the 12 Months of Books Challenge, a gift guide and children's book list of upcoming book releases in 2021!

So what is the challenge?

It's an opportunity for parents, aunts, uncles, friends, grandparents, and ANYONE really to stay connected to the kids they love while being forced to stay distanced and safe during the pandemic. Basically, the idea is that book-buyers will preorder books for their loved ones, so that every month of 2021, a new book will arrive on their favorite kiddo's doorstep!


If you're an author and have a children's book releasing in 2021, please complete this Google form to be included on the list of 2021 releases. The list will be organized by month and include details like title, age of target audience, pitch or cover copy, etc.

If you're a reader (YAY!), SUBSCRIBE to make sure you're first to hear all the preorder updates throughout the year!

Since preorder links and cover images may not be available yet for books releasing later in the year, I will continue updating the post often. This is a great opportunity to promote your book all year long on a post that I hope will receive a lot of traffic and make a big impact.

Let's get those kids reading in 2021!


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