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2022 - The Year of FIVE Book Releases

Happy New Year, friends! Here's to a year of four young adult novels and one board book!

That's right. After fifteen years of writing creatively - and doing a few other things, too - I'm so excited that this year, I'm releasing FIVE books! Phew. It's true what they say, when it rains, it pours, but sometimes in good ways!

Four of the books are young adult contemporary sports novels with Wise Wolf Books. The first, Gridiron Girl, releases March 3! That is so soon :) If you're in the Pittsburgh area, join us to celebrate at Mystery Lovers Bookshop. If you're out of the area, but would like a signed copy, you can purchase through the bookstore's website!

Here's a brief look at Gridiron Girl:

Julia Medina, dubbed Jules by her closest friends, wants to be the new, starting quarterback of Iron Valley High School’s football team, and no one is going to stand in her way. That is—until her boyfriend, Owen Malone, steps up to the challenge. Wanting to maintain her relationship with her boyfriend, Jules is torn. But while Owen is in her heart, football is in her blood.

The book is being well-received! Kirkus Reviews noted, "Girardi offers a coming-of-age novel that will resonate with teens who remain committed to their goals even when life seems to throw every possible obstacle in their way. The author wastes no time by jumping right into the plot and keeping the story moving at a brisk but pleasing pace. Julia’s fears about disappointing her friends and family while still wanting to play the game she loves make her a highly sympathetic character. The cast of secondary players, including her brothers and grandmother, comes across as genuine and adds extra humor and just the right amount of nonsports drama."

Gridiron Girl sets off a four-book series about female athletes at Iron Valley High School. Book 2, Disorder on the Court, features a volleyball player and releases in June! Books 3 and 4 in the series will release in September and December.

Also, I'm so excited to share that my debut board book, Why, Daddy? Why?, releases from Familius Press in May! This book is so adorable and reminds me of when my now seven-year-old daughter was three and bookending all of her questions with two "whys" as if one isn't enough for parents! Sharing this book with audiences will be a treasure.

Here's what readers are saying about Why, Daddy? Why?:

"This book is a sweet story of unconditional love. Perfect for father's day, baby showers, or bedtime reading any day of the year."

- Hannah Holt, author of A Father's Love

"Why, Daddy? Why? encourages children to be curious and is also a beautiful reminder for the adults in their lives to take advantage of those wonderful learning (and loving) opportunities."

- Jayme Hadley, First Grade Teacher

"The repetitive use of words and masterfully coordinated illustrations invite even the youngest of readers to actively participate in the reading of this children’s book. With an overarching theme of love, and relatable text, this book is a must read for kids, families, and educators alike."

- Ron Spiering, Elementary Reading Specialist

You can preorder the book anywhere online! Keep it in mind for the friends in your life who are hosting baby showers or have newborns at home!

And make sure you're subscribed to my blog for news of the two books I didn't even mention here! You won't want to miss them :)

Happy reading!

xoxo Tamara


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